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A Newsletter for Lamphey, Hodgeston and Freshwater East

Everyone likes to know what is going on and the main aim of this Newsletter is to help keep you informed of what is happening on your doorstep. This Newsletter is for YOU, the inhabitants of Lamphey, Hodgeston and Freshwater East.

One hundred years ago Lamphey was smaller. Most people worked on the land or were associated with agriculture in some way. There was less opportunity or even need to travel very far beyond the parish. People had more chances to meet and time to talk.

Today the village is bigger, its inhabitants are drawn from all over and few work inside the village. The pace of life is faster and the car at the door takes us quickly away from our neighbours. But Lamphey has much to offer church, school, shop, garage, Post Office, baker, pub, restaurants, football/cricket pitch, playground, tennis courts, squash courts, W.I., Brownies, play school, Bridge Club and Whist to mention but a few, with beautiful beaches at Freshwater and attractive scenery at Hodgeston.

Now, at the time of the new millennium, we are able to share information in a way that could never have been imagined a hundred years ago by way of the computer and the Internet.

But this Newsletter is not just to provide you with information. We hope you will contribute your views on the content, layout, frequency of publication, etc., also any comments you would like to make, any articles you would like to write, events to publicise, any subject you would like to discuss.

There is an editorial team who are keen to hear from you. At the moment it has been decided to publish four issues this year January, April, July and October. In between times information can be found on the various Notice Boards around the villages.

Your past, your present, your future is a vibrant part of our Village Times.